Since 1990 our family run business has been involved in the sale of glass and mirror products. After a few years, we began experimenting with small pieces of glass and a line of glass giftware was created. This includes items such as inukshuks, candleholders, coasters, business card holders and trophies.

           Each piece is hand-cut and most are hand-chipped as well, therefore no two pieces are
the same, creating a “unique” item every time.

           Our products are displayed in various stores locally, as well, some of our products are distributed by a major retailer across Canada. We have also had some of our inukshuks shipped internationally as complimentary gifts from our local Municipality.

           We also take custom orders to personalize many of the products, i.e. coasters and candleholders for weddings, anniversaries, lodge/club events.

           We hope you enjoy browsing our website.

           Milton Timoll